WJZQ "Z93"

Playing today's best hits from artists like Justin Timberlake, Rhianna, Pitbull, Maroon 5 and more, Z93 boasts a popular live and local morning show, R&R in the Morning. Ron Pritchard and Courtney Rehmer energize the work day with exciting and interactive contests, amazing prizes, local news and entertaining segments from the world of music and Hollywood.

Z93 reaches young, technology dependant consumers. This group of consumers has grown up in an era of technology. They have always known cable television, cellular phones, pagers, answering machines, laptop computers and video games. Technological advancements in real-time media and communication drive their expectation for immediacy. Our programming includes elements that engage this audience.


They love live music, extreme sporting events, movies, hiking events and the outdoors. Video games and social networking


They are parents who are willing to buy more for their kids because trends such as smaller family size, dual incomes and postponing children until later in life mean that families have more disposable income. As well, guilt can play a role in spending decisions as time-stressed parents substitute material goods for time spent with their kids.

They spend above average on children’s apparel, babysitting, household operations, used car & trucks, furniture, new cars & trucks, footwear, food and

personal insurance.


Karlene Lukovitz’s from MediaPost says,” New generation young Dad’s are less defined by gender stereotypes and see much less of a dividing line between men and women–partly as a result of their upbringing and partly as a result of being married to women who work and are more active and individualistic than previous generations.”



Source: Gallup Researchers 2012 / Arbitron 2012