To list your lost or found pet on our website, please email us a picture and a brief description and contact information to petpost@wklt.com. Please include the location of where the pet was last seen.

Lost Cat 3-24-2020
This is Toby. He is an indoor family pet. 
He ran away from home 3 Mile and Hammond area in TC
If found please call or text
231-532-4556 or 231-632-5668

Lost Dog 4-22-2020
This is lily


PLEASE CALL: 231-916-2059

Lost CAT 5-2020
Elmer E. Cat apparently slipped out of the house around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28, and has not come home. He lives in the 800 block of Webster Street, and hopefully is hanging around the Oak Park neighborhood still.  Elmer is two years old, a darker gray Tabby with a white beard and moustache, he's not declawed, weighs about 10 pounds, and is very athletic.  He had on a red breakaway collar with a bell when last seen.  He's very friendly, but not loud.  His meow sounds like a little question mark. Elmer has never been outdoors before, Please, if you see him, call Kris at 231-357-6816.

Lost Dog 5-25-2020
9 month old border collie doodle mix. Knee high 25-30 lbs. 
She has a very fluffy tail. She likes to bark but is very sweet. 
We are distraught without her. Pleas help us find our puppy!! 
She ran off from the Haaland/Prouty area by Timber ridge. 
We can be reached at 231-631-5106 

found dog 6/1

Found walking on 21 Rd north of M-55 Wexford County. No tags.  Call Dan 231 920-3636

lost dog 7/1 

Ria (also responds to Puppy) was last seen on Thiel Rd. on 6/28. She is friendly but very afraid. She had her collar and tags on when she went missing. Contact 262-719-8916 with any information.


This  Tom was circling my houses and gobbling very loudly.

I gave him a pan of dry corn and a pan of water.

He is still here. He acts very lost.

I am South of Gaylord,  Krys Road and further out.

My phone is 989 939 7805.


my female tiger tabby Muffin got disoriented and wandered away from Camp Walden on Long Lake Cheboygan County July 30 2019. Looked for her 3 weeks near area toward Michakewa Shores where there were sightings/hearings of her possibly. She was maybe picked up by someone. Looked again in Oct. I am not seeking her, I would just like to know she survived predators, the roads, and a Michigan winter and has a happy home. Please call me 913-626-0998 or respond to post here if you know anything. I am up here (from Missouri) for July. Thank you!   Peggy Rose.

LOST dog 7/22/2020

 a friend who's emotional support dog ran away 7 days ago and we are still having a hard time finding her. Her name is karma she is a pit-terrier mix she has on a pink harness. She ran away from her home in grawn area off of Luanne lane and Sawyer Rd. She has been spotted a few times mostly in the Hoosier valley area. SHE IS AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG and her owner is terrified right now. Moore's K-9 search and rescue are assisting on searching, they are installing pet traps (non-harmful) food sites with camera's and searching the area. Please do not attempt to go search the area, let's let the Moore's do their work we don't want to drive her farther and deeper into the woods but If you happen to spot her or know where she is at then please keep your eye on her and call animal control immediately or the owner Saun Cox @ 231-882-6824. Her owner Shaun really needs his emotional support PLEASE LETS GET HER HOME! THANKS!! call Andrew  231- 252- 6065 

314 E. Front Street

PO Box 472

Traverse City, MI 49684

Phone: (231) 947-7675