To list your lost or found pet on our website, please email us a picture and a brief description and contact information to petpost@wklt.com. Please include the location of where the pet was last seen.

Lost Cat 3-24-2020
This is Toby. He is an indoor family pet. 
He ran away from home 3 Mile and Hammond area in TC
If found please call or text
231-532-4556 or 231-632-5668

Lost Dog 4-22-2020
This is lily


PLEASE CALL: 231-916-2059

Lost CAT 5-2020
Elmer E. Cat apparently slipped out of the house around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28, and has not come home. He lives in the 800 block of Webster Street, and hopefully is hanging around the Oak Park neighborhood still.  Elmer is two years old, a darker gray Tabby with a white beard and moustache, he's not declawed, weighs about 10 pounds, and is very athletic.  He had on a red breakaway collar with a bell when last seen.  He's very friendly, but not loud.  His meow sounds like a little question mark. Elmer has never been outdoors before, Please, if you see him, call Kris at 231-357-6816.

Lost Dog 5-25-2020
9 month old border collie doodle mix. Knee high 25-30 lbs. 
She has a very fluffy tail. She likes to bark but is very sweet. 
We are distraught without her. Pleas help us find our puppy!! 
She ran off from the Haaland/Prouty area by Timber ridge. 
We can be reached at 231-631-5106 

found dog 6/1

Found walking on 21 Rd north of M-55 Wexford County. No tags.  Call Dan 231 920-3636

lost dog 7/1 

Ria (also responds to Puppy) was last seen on Thiel Rd. on 6/28. She is friendly but very afraid. She had her collar and tags on when she went missing. Contact 262-719-8916 with any information.


This  Tom was circling my houses and gobbling very loudly.

I gave him a pan of dry corn and a pan of water.

He is still here. He acts very lost.

I am South of Gaylord,  Krys Road and further out.

My phone is 989 939 7805.


my female tiger tabby Muffin got disoriented and wandered away from Camp Walden on Long Lake Cheboygan County July 30 2019. Looked for her 3 weeks near area toward Michakewa Shores where there were sightings/hearings of her possibly. She was maybe picked up by someone. Looked again in Oct. I am not seeking her, I would just like to know she survived predators, the roads, and a Michigan winter and has a happy home. Please call me 913-626-0998 or respond to post here if you know anything. I am up here (from Missouri) for July. Thank you!   Peggy Rose.

LOST dog 8/12/2020

We are missing are long hair Chihuahua. Her name is daisy around 7 years old. Missing at 730pm tonight behind micheals steak house in Indian river.
My name is shannon number is 231-838-9882


FOUND dog 8/12/2020

Black female shepherd currently at my house; Hill Rd Rapid City. No collar appears to be an escapee. Very friendly. Not able to get a picture yet. Email Laura lauracarson2019@gmail.com

lost dog 7/13/2020

Please help me find my dog he had been missing since 7-13-2020 he has a mouth full of quills, his name is blue he has one blue eye the other one brown he is a blue nose pit ,very friendly please call 989-306-0979 Last seen in onaway on 638 hwy.

lost cat 8/12/2020

I need help finding my missing cat 🐱 in the rapid city area by Crystal beach and arrwood. she is a tiger 🐅 striped and bengal looking between 6-7 pounds. She is fixed not declawed any help would be appreciated you can call Al 231-322-3048

Lost Dog: 8/6/2020

Lost CAT: 8/18/2020 I’m really sad to have to post this, but our sweet Belle kitty is missing. She snuck outside Friday night around 10pm when my husband let the dogs out for their last potty of the night and she hasn’t returned. She did not have her collar on. She is 3 years old, declawed, weighs right at 10 lbs and is very sweet and friendly. We live at the corner of Heniser and Thiel. I’ll also be posting on some other sites and reach out to the local shelters or vets, but if anyone could share this that would be great 💕. My cell is (231) 735-1299

Lost CAT: 8/31/2020

Lost Kitty in the Franklin Woods area.

She is a 14 year old, long haired CALICO.

She answers to the name MAIZEE. If seen, please contact Ross Childs on my cell.231-590-2482

Lost CAt: 9/8/2020

Lost kitty from 15th Street TC 231-239-0488

LOST CAt: 9/7/2020 

We are in search of our cat. He has been missing now for 24 hours. We are only visiting my mother who lives here in the Cherry Bend neighborhood, and so our cat isn’t super familiar with the area. 

His name is Teaka, he is black and white and super social and sweet. He does not have a collar on, though he is chipped.

Our twin 4-year-olds are missing their kitty dearly along with all of us. Thanks for any help you can provide in keeping an eye out for our Teaka! If you find him or have seen him, please let us know - we would be overly grateful. Please text: 231-499-1944.

FOUND CAT 9/14/2020

Did you lose your cat?

 I have a cat that wandered on to my property west of Interlochen.  Seems it has been on its own for some time.  He/she is super matted and skinny.  Would rather not post a picture of it to ensure he/she gets to its true home. You can call and leave a message or send a text with a pic to 231.409.6154.

FOUND CAT 10/13/2020

This friendly cat has been hanging around our house in Pellston for about a week I think it's a male, maybe 6 month old. Don't know if it's lost or dumped. I can't keep it, have two German Shepherds. Please contact Laura at 231-564-2164

FOUND dog 10/26/2020

Male Great Dane on Phelps Road in Manton.

10/26/2020 at noon today

Wearing a collar.

Contact Mary Kay 231-878-0736

FOUND CAT 10/19/2020

This guy was found at Ridge 45 on Lafrainer rd in TC by a friend. Thinking he may have come from Kings Court? He’s very sweet and domesticated. Took him to the vet and he is fixed.  Call or text Peter 828.489.7749


Lost dog 11/23/2020

lost puppy! His name is Zeus. He left his yard near the Silver Shores Trailer park off of West Silver lake Rd in TC. His family is very worried. If found please call 231-313-8423ok him to the vet and he is fixed.  Call or text Peter 828.489.7749

Lost dog 11/23/2020

Jaxon is the big black and white pit mix. He is missing from West Silver Lk Rd by Silver Shores trailer park. Missing with his little brother Zeus, a mix 4lb white haired with brown and black spots. If you see them please call me 231-360-8176.

314 E. Front Street

PO Box 472

Traverse City, MI 49684

Phone: (231) 947-7675